Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby, Oh Baby!

Many parents don't think to take advantage of reading their child's chart at birth. This head start would give the parent a whole lot more insight on how to approach that little bundle of brand new temperament, emotion, personality and attitude. Granted, all children will become more independant from their parents as they grow, regardless. However, the manner that the parent approaches each child could go a long ways to helping the developing child to utilize his/her best facets and personality traits while maturing into the person he/she is meant to become.

Take a few moments to think about it. We have all looked back and said that we would have done things differently if we had just known how our Moon intereacts with our spouse's Moon. We would have done this, that or the other thing differently. Right? So many people think to look at that connection, yet forget that their child could also benefit from a little better understanding of their Moon.

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Be well,