Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eclipse Family Tree

Did you realize that Eclipses occur in a series. There's a reason for that. Solar and Lunar Eclipses are collective events that last for over a thousand years, belong to families and return every 18+ years. We cannot have a solar eclipse without a lunar eclipse, and vice versa. To learn more about eclipses, how the families are formed and, well, basically, the genealogy of eclipse families. Click on the title link above to read more.

Be well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby, Oh Baby!

Many parents don't think to take advantage of reading their child's chart at birth. This head start would give the parent a whole lot more insight on how to approach that little bundle of brand new temperament, emotion, personality and attitude. Granted, all children will become more independant from their parents as they grow, regardless. However, the manner that the parent approaches each child could go a long ways to helping the developing child to utilize his/her best facets and personality traits while maturing into the person he/she is meant to become.

Take a few moments to think about it. We have all looked back and said that we would have done things differently if we had just known how our Moon intereacts with our spouse's Moon. We would have done this, that or the other thing differently. Right? So many people think to look at that connection, yet forget that their child could also benefit from a little better understanding of their Moon.

To learn more about your child's astrological personality, we offer child reports at a very reasonable price. Check in at our "online store" to find out more.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Simply Love the Moon!

A new piece for newbies is up on the website (click on the title's link above). I don't have it fully mapped out with links on the site yet, but I'm getting there, bit by bit.

This particular piece focuses on the way the Full Moon ends up in a specific sign each month. While it's certainly not rocket science, the Full Moon transit gets folks all flumoxed as though the transits are so complex that they can't begin to figure out how to tell what sign the Full Moon will be in next. But it truly isn't all that difficult to follow once a person has a basic understanding of the zodiac signs in relation to the typical calendar month.

I'm hoping that this piece helps to take the mystery out of that process.

Thanks everyone for your questions and desire to learn.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Pisces in Me

I developed an urge to go "Pisces" and get some wet pets. Basically, I never really have had fish before. I remember as a kid that we had a goldfish, but I never took care of it because I was too young. My daughter had some guppies that she brought home from school, and they lived for a few years in a little "goldfish" bowl. But I never had a true understanding of what it takes to have an aquarium with beautiful fish darting around through the flora and fauna of a miniature fish tank.

If you like to read about a person who must learn the hard way to establish an aquarium (ummmm... I mean 4 little aquariums) you might enjoy reading my journal/blog at If you are considering trying your hand at raising "wet pets" you might learn some tips about WHAT NOT TO DO with suggestions on what to do to FIX the fishie mistakes.

Be well,


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A new friendly face in the crowd

Late last year, I was pretty ticked with the rudeness of some of my guests to my website. I ranted and wondered if my rant would change anything. I think it did.

After my comments were posted on the blogs, I started getting emails from all around the world. Not a lot, but enough to let me know that the rudeness of those few rogue visitors is certainly not the norm. I think I've made some new online friends. There have been people asking for permission to use my scripts and even some offering to pay me money for them! WHOA!

For example, this month, I received an very nice email from a person who helps manage a mountaineering website in Mexico. He explained his situation and what he was looking for. He wasn't vague or obscure. He was open and upfront. My kinda people! Well, Heck Yah! Not only is he using my calendar script on the website, but I even modified it to change the week set up to end with Sunday instead of start with Sunday. Club Explorador is using the Moon Phase calendar to help with planning their events. Now How Cool is That?

Granted, I may not always freely give away a script to just anyone. But in some cases, it is the right thing to do for a person who was willing to ask, before taking.