Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 22, 2016 - Virgo Full Moon

healing woman
The full impact of the Mercury Retrograde through Capricorn and Aquarius certainly took me on an interesting journey.  I now have a very - lean & clean Moon Tracks website - and I have the full moon in Virgo article posted but I can't send out any newsletters because the web server that I had the newsletter mailer on, is a thing of the past. I may, or may not, rebuild.  I'm looking at other options and deciding what would be the best choice for me. Nonetheless, I feel good that I was able to get Moon Tracks back up and running in little more than five days after the web sever company cut loose a new server and IP for me. The Moon Article is up and available and now, I will go do my homework!  All the best to you.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Aquarius New Moon 2016

Year of the Monkey 2016 Chinese New Year - Moon in AquariusOur server that houses our mailing list is down and so we have not been able to send out our usual newsletters today.  The Lunar Living Article for the Aquarius New Moon is online. The past few months feel like a never ending Mercury RX. But that's one of the reasons that we keep this blog page running, to ensure that there's an outlet to letting you know what's happening. 

Sending you all wishes for a very romantic and/or fun-filled Valentine's Day.  That will be my 40th wedding anniversary! See? Astrology can help with romance :)