Friday, December 31, 2004

With the Force of a Tsunami

The force of earth and water combined can be powerful and deadly. The powerful 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami impacting several Asian countries since December 26, 2004 shall be remembered for the lethal intensity that nature can parse out. From an astrological perspective, the cosmic influences were building.
The simultaneous ingress of the Nodes and Mars with the Moon's quick "trigger" seemed to initiate the event. The Mars ingress into Sagittarius in connection to the Square that Mars began forming to Uranus in Pisces, and along with the transition of the North and South Nodes into new signs may have been early warnings of this massive destruction. However, knowing how to foretell with certainty when an earthquake is going to happen has yet to be discovered. Astrology can give us indicators of the likelihood, but to go around on a monthly basis stating that a catastrophe is likely to happen is a bit more than people can handle.

Uranus has been in a sensitive location in the sign of Pisces over the past few weeks -- in direct motion over the point it had been in Retrograde during the last Solar Eclipse. Uranus is a "sudden and shocking" events type of planet to begin with. Uranus likes the thrill of sirens and emergency vehicles, doing what he does best to be in the action. Pisces energies are in the water element, influencing the mood and the power of the intangible. Pisces is sometimes known as the bridge between the heavens and the earth. The Square by Mars was just taking shape as Mars ingressed into the energies of Sagittarius on December 26. The lessons of Sagittarius move with the swiftness of the arrow, piercing into the realm of the unforgettable. Mars is comfortable with the concept of death and despair. Mars is often times associated with annihilation as well as courage, well beyond the War God tendencies of violence.

The Ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Jupiter is in the sign of Libra. The Libra based energies ruled by Venus are typically compassionate, fair and just, but Venus is not afraid to clear the slate at the expense of lives lost if the Universe feels that it is time to take action.... And what is the true message here from the Universe? We may never truly know! The stories of survival and death in the face of this historical disaster are truly a testament to the cycles of human life and the value that we place upon that life -- frequently a hidden value, but a significant fact of life nonetheless.

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