Saturday, August 30, 2008

Horoscopes or Horrorscopes?

Sometimes I get asked questions about my monthly horoscopes. Since the majority of my website focuses on the Moon, people want to know if the horoscopes are written for the Moon sign or the Sun sign. Nutshell answer: Sun signs.

I write the scopes with the Sun sign in mind since most people know for sure what their Sun sign is. Only about five percent of the population actually knows their Moon sign. The scopes can also be used for an individual's Rising (Ascendant) sign for the sectors and zones that I bring attention to in the forecasts.

However, not all portions of my forecasts can be quickly converted for the Rising sign. The intervals of the month when I describe the dates that a person is more likely to feel flustered are designed specifically for the Sun sign. These "fluster" dates are the periods within the month when the transiting Moon is in a difficult aspect to that particular sign.

Some people ask why I don't give the "lucky days" of the month for the signs. I guess I don't do that because virtually any day can be a lucky day! Why single them out? I point out the frustrating days simply because they give a person a heads up before heading into that day that it could be a frustrating day. It does not mean that those dates will definitely be "bad," but if they are difficult, at least you will know ahead of time that the Moon is simply not going to help you cope with the frustrations of the day. We can usually deal with almost any challenge that comes our way UNLESS our emotions are on edge. And the Moon forming a difficult aspect to our sign can be a good indicator that we will be emotionally challenged on that day. So that's why I list those days for each sign.

I also list the dates of the New Moon and Full Moon with the probable themes. These Moon days can be used both for the Sun sign and the Rising sign forecasts. These themes give you a good sense of the issues that you are likely to need to focus on for the day leading into the Moon event and possibly the day after the event.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leo Cub of the Galaxy
Since the Lunar Eclipse on August 16, 2008, there was a wash of emotions that came flooding out and they have now been purged. I have been able to let go of that which I can not change, and am moving forward with things that I can. I am reactivating this Lunar Living Blog as an added resource to the site. I formed the blog over 5 years ago, but I let it set dormant as I moved through a variety of other facets in my life. Thankfully, has been my refuge for a long time now, and I have always enjoyed writing the articles and astrological resources that I have posted on the site. Calendars, daily activities, moon match relationship, scopes, more calendars along with the bi-monthly major moon events. It's all there and I'm always open for suggestions on ways to improve the material.

Thank you everyone!

Be well,