Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lunar Living's Very First Lunar Article

This was the beginning article that blasted Lunar Living online.

Solar Eclipse

in Solar Sign: Cancer 00'
June 21, 2001

This solar eclipse occurs on the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) on the summer solstice. The strength of this eclipse will be noted by its nurturing energy. Emotions and sensitivity are key traits of Cancer. This eclipse will accentuate these traits. The energies of the eclipse will be felt for an extended period time, possibly as long as three to six months, depending on whether this eclipse will be closely interacting with your natal chart.

June 21 is known as the "Day of Worldly Rapture" (1). Individuals born on this day are considered to be success-oriented, brilliant, and/or eccentric. The day of the summer solstice embodies the richness of the cosmos' bounty. The expansive nature of the day personifies the characteristics of Jupiter and all that Jupiter represents. The opportunities presented by Jupiter's placement in Gemini on this day should be felt over the next few months through improved communication. The emphasis will be placed on positive interactions with people and one's environment, as well as exploring all the new ideas that will be brought to light as a result of the eclipse.

Jupiter is currently in close contact with Mercury which generally encourages expanded communication and short distance travels. However, at the moment, Mercury is "realigning" itself with the Sun as it appears to move backwards in the sky. This optical illusion is identified as a retrograde. The retrograde of Mercury tends to stymie effective communication or undo travel plans. However, within a few days, the planet will begin to turn around and get back on track with the world. In no time at all, the ability to express ourselves in an effective manner will be at our fingertips.

Mars, the planet of energy and physical activity, as well as Chiron, the planet known as the wounded healer, are interacting with Mercury and Jupiter as they appear to traverse backwards in retrograde through Sagittarius opposite of Gemini. These two retrograde planets will contribute to a sense of frustration and sadness, especially in relationship to religious and moral ideals. These interactions may be felt as stumbling blocks to many, and will be felt most strongly by those whose solar signs are in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. It would be suggested that you take these obstacles in stride. Consider the setbacks as part and parcel of the learning process. Soon enough, the barriers will be removed and you will be that much wiser about how you should proceed.

Saturn will contribute to restriction and responsibilities as it moves forward on its trek through Gemini. Saturn will be helping to keep the interactions with others on an even keel. Saturn is typically considered to be an enforcer of the rules. As such, the rules of communication will be closely monitored and kept in check by Saturn for the next year and a half. Saturn will be balancing its restrictive tendencies with Pluto. Pluto also appears to be transiting in retrograde in Sagittarius as it opposes Saturn. Pluto is the planet of transformation, death and rejuvenation. So Pluto will be urging a transformation of ineffective views and beliefs.

Pluto also likely to create additional stir as it is forming a quincunx with Venus in Taurus. This interaction will most likely bring some women's issues to the surface. The fact that the sun is just beginning to enter Cancer, this eclipse should highlight the role of women within the family, the home and the work place.

Finally, and not to be left out, Uranus is contributing in a positive way to the key players of this solar eclipse. Uranus, in Aquarius, is forming trines with Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Moon. Uranus is known for its sense of freedom and individuality. The interaction between Uranus and these four primary planets may stand out as a push towards truth, originality and self-expression.

With all these planets actively contributing to this solar eclipse, we would be wise to reflect on our emotional needs and be sensitive to those needs. Quiet meditation, prayer and reflection of our gentler side would be in order for this year's summer solstice. At the same time, we should celebrate the strengths and creative characteristics of Motherhood; whether the mother that we hold in our hearts is Mother Earth, Mother Theresa, or Dear Ol' Mom.

© J. McCaul, 2001

It's Our Birthday!

Lunar Living Astrology Online is nine years old this year! It's so hard to believe that we've been online all this time. Like all online organizations, we've hit a few bumps in the road, skidded across the pavement at least once (WHA - Web Host Abandonment), and even had a few online squabbles to boot. But, over all, we've had way more fun than ever anticipated, met some wonderful people all across the globe, created fantastic friendships and thoroughly enjoyed the outcomes. There have been a few moments that we were ready to say, 'OK, we're done' but you all have encouraged us to continue on with your upbeat praise and all out kindness. 

A shout out of thanks and appreciation goes out to Webhostingbuzz for hosting our website since 2005 when our prior webhost walked off with our payment and our domain name.... Webhostingbuzz helped us get it all back, up and running again. Namecheap, the best crew to work with when purchasing/maintaining domains. To Sellwide (no longer in business) for their wonderful mailing program that allows us to get our mailings out at least twice a month. To Google (yes Google) who has helped support us financially, helped us organize and continues to provide so many great FREE services for online/internet users everywhere. Signs of Intelligence, Astrologyhome and all my Delphi buddies who have become wonderful online resources and support. Also, a shout out to the Astrology Zone group; you all are (as Paris Hilton would say) 'Hot!' Oh, and yes, let's not forget all the Lunar Living 'wannabees' who have adopted the "Lunar Living" phrase into their various online activities. We actually do take that as a form of praise and reassurance that Lunar Living is fun and worth copying.

Happy Solstice to you all and a merry "be well."

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Jupiter Transits Aries

The Jupiter ingress into Aries today may be a whole lot of fun or a whole lot of something else. The exact conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus in Aries is on June 8 at 4:28 a.m. PDT (11:28 a.m. GMT) and our experiences are likely to be uniquely different until (and possibly after) Uranus stations retrograde in the first week of July.  When the planets both retrograde, the pressures should ease up.  Take a little extra precaution on the dates that the Moon transits Out of Bounds as we are considerably more sensitive and vulnerable to disasters during those dates. The title above links to's article.

Important dates in relation to Uranus & Jupiter's transits and Conjunctions in Aries and Pisces:
May 28 (Uranus Ingress Aries)
June 6 (Jupiter Ingress Aries)
June 8 (exact Conjunction Jupiter & Uranus in Aries)
June 11 - 14 (Moon OOB during Jupiter/Uranus Conj.)
June 24 - 27 (Moon OOB during Jupiter/Uranus Conj.)
July 5 (Uranus Stations Retrograde)
July 8 - 11 (Moon OOB during Jupiter/Uranus Conj.)
July 20 - 23 (Moon OOB during Jupiter/Uranus Conj.)
July 23 (Jupiter Stations Retrograde)
August 5 - 8 (Moon OOB during Jupiter/Uranus Conj.)
August 13 (Uranus retrograde Ingress Pisces)
September 8 (Jupiter retrograde Ingress Pisces)
September 19 (Jupiter retrograde Conjunction Uranus retrograde in Pisces)
November 18 (Jupiter Stations Direct)
December 6 (Uranus Stations Direct)
January 4 (exact Conjunction Jupiter & Uranus in Pisces)
January 22 (Jupiter Ingress Aries)
March 12 (Uranus Ingress Aries)