Friday, April 20, 2012

Taurus New Moon - April 21, 2012

The New Moon of Taurus at the cusp of Taurus is typically a bit raw. We are just beginning to adapt to the newness of the Taurus energies, and when the Moon event occurs in these early stages of the sign, we feel the jagged edges of change a bit more intensely. Be patient for the upcoming Kite formation in a few days, as explained in the Lunar Living article.  

We were all eagerly awaiting the change of Mars' direction, which occurred on Friday, the 13th of April. Just as we are unwinding from the Mars retrograde, now we are having to deal with the Venus transitions. Currently, Venus is transiting Out of Bounds while in the sign of Gemini. Plus, in approximately a month, Venus will station for retrograde motion, giving us a whole new set of experiences to explore. Ironically, Mars' retrograde was in Mercury ruled Virgo and next, Venus will retrograde in Mercury ruled Gemini. Keep an eye out for any aspects between Mercury, Venus or Mars over the next few months since they could be especially potent. 

The influence of Taurus is expressed through feelings of security and comfort. Taking care of our earth is taking care of ourselves. Spend the weekend being a little more green. Happy Earth Day to all.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Full Moon in Libra - April 6, 2012

The Full Pink Moon in Libra will appear more as a transition state rather than an initiation one. The transit of Venus in Gemini will take on the center stage in the apex of the T-square. Venus is also transiting Out of Bounds. We could call it a period of Funny Money as we attempt to find more security in our financial situations. The Lunar Living Moon Event article can give some guidance for navigating this Full Moon. Any planets transiting in the Out of Bounds regions tend to create a sense of vulnerability, particularly in regards to the themes of the particular planet that is transiting OOB. (In the graphic, I overlaid the Full Moon image onto a pink rose to create the "Pink Moon" image.)