Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aries New Moon - March 22, 2012

BIG Apologies!  I'm late in letting folks know that the New Moon article is posted at Lunar Living.  I was able to get the article posted on time, however I was caught off guard with the busyness of the spring break week. My other job demands my full attention during certain periods so I make certain to have the essentials in place and hoped to be able to get the rest of the projects here and there.  Well, here never happened, and now there is all I have left. This New Moon continues to hold the Earth Grand Trine between Jupiter, Mars retrograde and Pluto. There is an actual opposition now between Mars and Chiron that adds the Kite influences more strongly. But, the message continues to be the same as with the Full Moon earlier in March. We're more productive if we work behind the scenes to accomplish our goals for the next two days and then, we can begin to reveal more about our accomplishments without the scrutiny of others.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Newsletter Updates

Okay; as many of you know by now, I am not a prolific blogger nor am I a social media socialite or online networking mogul. I have a real life schedule that I work with that keeps me feeling some sense of balance. For some of my readers that means I'm super lazy, and for some, that I'm super busy. haha That comes across as very unbalanced, doesn't it? My main goal is to provide consistent quality content on a consistent routine basis.

One of these consistent routines has been the Lunar Living Newsletter "Moon Alert" that I send out approximately twice a month. The Alert is typically a short shout-out to let readers know that the Moon Event article is available online, a few updates about other events and a quick promo of features that Lunar Living has for users online. Several years ago, this newsletter was made available for "feed readers" online. However, a recent event has me scratching my head and wondering if I should continue with the feed access. 

For now, the newsletter feed access is still available, but in a slightly modified format. It won't be too noticeable what the changes are, but certain links have been changed or removed from the archived format. It is not my intent to alarm anyone. It is my intent to explain that there will be slight changes since the readers of Lunar Living's information have come to accept my routines and have a habit of contacting me when they notice that my routine has changed.

Thanks and be well!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Virgo Full Moon - March 8, 2012

Celebrating the Worm Moon with GummiWorms! This Full Moon in Virgo will present us with opportunities but we may feel a total let down if we can't figure out how to access any of those opportunities.  It all boils down to how we approach it. We may not be mentally or emotionally up for the task.  The proverbial "devil in the details" is going to be a stumbling block for a lot of us. As explained in the Lunar Living article today, the Grand Trine during this Full Moon may present us with many potentials that we could find difficult to receive. To get the most out of the Earth Grand Trine, check out where Chiron is transiting in our natal chart for the hint in finding the most productive way to move forward.