Monday, January 10, 2005

Mega Earthquakes and Astrology

Fitting my research into the time that I have on hand, has been difficult this week, but here is what I have found....

Looking at 11 charts of the recent largest killer earthquakes measured at 8.5 and above in the past 100 years, there is a theme of Hidek and Exdek planets along with a trend with the Chart's Planetary Ruler in distress.

A quick explain of Hidek and Exdek - The Sun sets a standard path during its transit. The Sun transits to North and South declinations of 23.27 degrees during the Solstice dates (June 22 and December 22) and crosses the equator on this path North and South near the the Equinox dates (March 21 and September 21). The Sun can be Hidek and always is (Hidek) near the dates of June 22 and December 22. Hidek essentially means High Declination when a planet is in the 21 to 23.27 degrees of declination. Fact of the matter is, the Sun can never go Exdek (Exceed Declination) because it sets the standard with its Declination Path. Other planets can exceed the Sun's declination (anything beyond 23.27 degrees declination) at which time it is called Exdek or the more traditional term, Out of Bounds. Note of caution, do not confuse declination degrees with the standard longitude degrees of the daily transits. They are two different computations and should not be used in the same way. Current Declinations Chart

My findings when isolating the top megaforce earthquake charts are as follows:

1) In all 11 charts - the chart ruler was either in a tight tension aspect, in a critical degree, Exdek or Hidek. I included bi-quintiles and quincunx aspects as tension aspects using an orb of 2.5 degrees.

2) In 10 of the 11 charts, there was at least one planet (usually more) Exdek or Hidek (close to being Out of Bounds).

3) I noted a theme with Essential Dignities - in 9 of the 11 charts, there was either one planet in it's rulership (using the classical rulerships) or Mutual Reception (also using classical Mutual Receptions). In 5 of the charts, it involved Jupiter and in 6 of the charts, it involved Mars (with two of those charts involving both). In all the Mutual Receptions, Jupiter was involved....

4) In 9 of the charts, there was a "Cusper" - I allowed an orb of 2 from the cusp. One of these involved only the Nodes.

I did not check transits of asteroids except Chiron's transit.

I did not see any themes of Transit Aspects involving specific planets within these chart. But it did appear that Uranus and Mars were involved in many of the tense aspects. I did include Quincunx and Quintiles in the aspect list - Seven of the charts had at least 2 quincunx (inconjuncts) plus at least 2 quintile or bi-quintile aspects. Three of the charts had 2 or more Bi-Quintiles with 1 or no Quincunx. The one chart that did not have these aspect trends had a tight square between Uranus and a stellium of Jupiter, Venus and the Sun with a quintile to the Moon (From Uranus, with love).

The Charts that I created were using the facts presented at the website. I decided to isolate my research to the largest magnitude earthquakes rather than the number of individuals impacted or injured. I hope that, at some point, this information is helpful to others who choose to do additional research on the transits of Earthquakes.