Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year 2016 Update

It certainly has been a busy past year! A few updates are in order.

I have a new job that I started a few months ago that is keeping me very busy. Also, this past year, I started working on my Masters degree and I'm less than 10 months away from graduating. So my schedule is squeezed.  I have cut way back on the amount of time and articles that I post on Lunar Living. But I am doing my best to keep the new moon and full moon articles posted on time.

The newsletter mailer list hit a bit of a glitch this past year. It has an automatic de-subscriber system built in when the email servers send back a notification that there's a problem at their (your) end. Before we were able to figure out what was happening, we had lost over 100 established account addresses.  While I had record of the addresses, when the accounts were deactivated, I lost both names and account numbers in the fall out.  Today, I have reinstated those email addresses giving you the option to fix the basic information of names and types of letters you want to receive. So, feel free to change that to your preferences when you receive the letters. The reinstatement letter will only be sent to the email addresses that were deactivated/dropped.

Moontracks has been updated as well, with all the newest 2016 calendars and astrology information for the year. So be sure to check out that new info.

Thanks and all the best!