Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Forecasts

The horoscopes for the entire month of August are available for reading now. There are some tough aspects that we will all need to work around. Jupiter's square to Pluto on August 3 might cause us to rethink our interactive strategies with others. Jupiter's opposition with Saturn on the 16th is likely to force us to be more accountable for our behaviors and Saturn's square to Pluto on August 21 is a tug of war between power, control, manipulation, blackmailing and coercion.  Watch out!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aquarius Full Moon Alert

The newsletter mail list has been installed and, based on active users of the letters, 66% of the email addresses have been moved onto the list as of today.  The older newsletters on the old mail list will be maintained on the server until October.  If you had an active mail list subscription between April and July 2010, then you will still have access to those newsletters (UNLESS you deleted your newsletter account).  

Lunar Living is currently having a sale on the Saturn in Libra Transit report. Now is the time to get that great report while the price is discounted.

To read the current article, Click on the Title link above to get most of the way there. :)

Be well and take care,

It's a sad thing...

I do try to follow multiple astrology sites to find and acknowledge different astrological opinions, ideas and interpretations.  What I find unattractive or, or should I say, disgusting, is the distance that some professional astrologers will go to be *disingenuous with their predictions. Some will backdate newly posted articles on their blogs or website, and present the new information as having been there "all along."  Some will post pieces that have blatantly false information on the planetary transits in an effort to support predictions, knowing that many readers don't have the astrological knowledge or skills to see through the deception. To me, that is a sad thing....

I'm not here to "out" anyone who is utilizing these types of deceptions. I just want people to be aware that the practice of cheating is used by some professionals.  While Neptune and Chiron are both retrograde in Aquarius, I feel that it is perhaps time that I share my observations with my guests. Chiron's wounding and healing process can be reviewed more thoroughly while in retrograde motion. There is a form of victimology that Chiron's transit can create. Neptune's illusions (delusions?) cannot be so easily swept under the rug when transiting retrograde. Neptune's transits can be creative and beautiful, but there's usually a nebulous cloud that envelopes everything.  Uranus' retrograde in Aries will be moving back into Pisces soon, and the mutual reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius will provide one last chance of cleaning up this trickery practice. Uranus' transits can have the shock and awe effect. There is usually a surprise outcome when Uranus is involved.

For my part, I truly appreciate it when people call me out on my mistakes.  I want to know that I've made a typo or a miscalculation. I want to hear that I've goofed (or even if I haven't goofed... that my message was confusing.) I recognize that not all astrologers want that type of feedback. I do. I not only want to promote a better world through astrology, I want to be perceived as having the heart and ethics of wanting to be a better astrologer.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now and get back to reading.

Be well :)

* disingenuous: giving a false appearance of simple frankness
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2010.

Merriam-Webster Online. 25 July 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mail List Updates

I dusted off the updated mailing list script that I have been sitting on for a year with the hopes that I would not need to make any changes. But, alas, it looks like I need to make the upgrade change now. I decided that the eclipsing message about change was inevitable, and, well, now's as good a time as any to put my skills and talents to work. I hit a few glitches. Turns out that I was able to also dust off my PERL scripting skills and put them to good use. Made a few minor changes to get this script to work better for me... So, with that accomplished, the newsletter subscription feature is back online. If you have NOT received some type of notification that the newsletter mailing list has been changed, and you want to continue to receive the newsletters, submit a new request (opt-in) through the website.

Again, thank you everyone for your patience and willingness to let me work through this latest issue with the mailer.

Be well

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lunar Living Newsletter - Eclipsed Again?

Big Sigh. Once again, the newsletter program has taken a big hit. It seems that for each and every fix I make on the program, something else comes along and wipes out the program. The majority of the issues have been occurring around the time of the eclipses. This recent Solar Eclipse landed in Lunar Living's 2nd house of security and vulnerabilities while the Lunar Eclipse landed in Lunar Living's first/7th houses of self and partnerships. Well, there are a variety of things that this could be trying to encourage me to do. I recognize that change is an important piece of the Eclipses.

I need to assess whether I can afford to change, what specifically do I need to change and how to go about making the best change. So I have my work cut out for me to research, review the various options and evaluate my resources.

In the meantime, it appears that the newsletter features are down and out. I don't know if/when I can get them operational. I apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause for you and I thank you for your patience.

Be well,