Sunday, January 02, 2011

Solar Eclipse - Capricorn - January 4, 2010

Photo-Solar Eclipse January 26, 2009
The solar eclipse on January 4, 2010 brings the Sun and Moon together at one of the three Critical Degrees in Capicorn. The eclipse will be a partial one and the view of the eclipse will cover a wide range from North Africa to Russia. The maximum point of the eclipse will occur over Sweden in the morning, shortly before 9:00 a.m. UT. Because of the eclipse and the critical degree of Capricorn being spotlighted, there is the likelihood of challenges manifesting. But, the feeling of defeat is all in the mind. We are simply being challenged to come to terms with life as it currently exists. Pessimism comes from within. Instead of crawling into a cave, we need to need to resolve to make a change for the better. This solar eclipse is the perfect backdrop to making a New Year's resolution that we can stick to. At Lunar Living in the articles section ( you can read more about the history of the solar saros 151 and how it influences the solar eclipse on Tuesday. Mid-month, Mercury moves into Capricorn to help us become more focused on success. The amount of planning done between now and then will help tremendously.