Sunday, October 28, 2012

Taurus Full Moon - October 29, 2012

This Taurus Full Moon is also called the Hunter's Moon in North America as the fall colors wash over the trees and we prepare for the cold winter months. The chart for this Full Moon is very aspect filled and we will have a variety of energies to sort through as we navigate through it. There is a yin and yang to it though, that we can find the balance within the chart, with effort and determination. Read more about the purpose of this Full Moon at Lunar Living Astrology.  There is a T-square leading into the Mercury retrograde starting November 6 and also into the Scorpio Solar Eclipse of November 13.  We are likely to seek out the safest alternatives as the Moon transits through Taurus. With Mercury transiting out of bounds, just prior to the retrograde motion, we will be feeling more vulnerable. Mars is transiting out of bounds right now, but the feeling is not as vulnerable with Mars. It feels more chaotic and confusing, however. We will just need to keep both feet inbounds to stay on track. If possible, have a little fun to release the tension. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Libra New Moon - October 15, 2012

The Libra New Moon should bring some relief after that hard hitting Full Moon last month.  We can start to regroup now, and clean up some of the left overs that seemed to hang on for, like, forEVER! Finding balance is an important message with the Libra energies. This New Moon does seem to put quite a bit of emphasis on Chiron, encouraging us to find help for issues and personal problems that plague us. Saturn in Scorpio will have us focusing on restructuring our psychological perspectives as well as our finances and familial legacies. Secrets and taboos may also need to be examined if we find that they are hindering our ability to expand or change. The upcoming Full Moon in Taurus will be two days prior to Halloween, and those energies will splash over into the celebration of the day. Also, we will be experiencing a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse next month. There will be lots to think about as the holiday season approaches.