Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cancer Super Full Moon on January 2, 2018

Full Moon in: Cancer 11°
January 2, 2018 @ 2:26 a.m. GMT

Sun is Capricorn, 11° 38'  - Moon is Cancer, 11° 38'

Happy New Year!

2018 Happy New Year Full Moon from Lunar Living
This is the first full moon of 2018 and we will get a second super full moon in January.  It will be the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse. This Cancer Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon. This is a super full moon because it is closer to the earth. It will look larger in the sky, especially on the horizon. There are multiple interactions from the full moon to Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune, giving us a lot of think about and navigate as our new year begins.

Essentially, the Moon is the tail end of a Kite pattern, which elevates the Moon, in status, through the Grand Trine in Water, by adding in Capricorn's Earth element. All the placements in this Kite are feminine receptives. This puts the Sun and Venus, in Capricorn, in the hot-seats at the top of the Kite. Read more about this Super Full Moon at Lunar Living Astrology